New Beginnings is a treatment program for males who have recognized their need for assistance in gaining control of their sexual behaviours. After an initial assessment and a few individual sessions, clients who meet the eligibility criteria are able to participate in the group. Group therapy has been proven to be the most effective method of treatment for sexual addiction. (Click here to learn more about sexual addiction). Although the idea of sharing your darkest and deepest secrets in such a setting can seem like a daunting task, group members report feeling accepted, relieved, and hopeful almost immediately. In addition to the healing and recovery which is greatly enhanced by this type of therapy, the group is also a much more affordable method of treatment than continuing strictly with individual sessions.

The group meets for 1 hour and 45 minutes, once a week.  Group sizes are kept small to allow all group members to derive the maximum benefits possible. Once a client has transitioned to the group therapy, individual sessions are offered on an as-needed basis.

Incorporated in the treatment program will be the utilization of the workbooks Facing the Shadow and  Recovery Zone by Dr. Patrick Carnes. Dr. Carnes is accepted as the international leader in the field of sexual addiction, and you can greatly benefit from his recovery program.

The journey of recovery can seem intimidating, impossible, or unrealistic. At Toronto Addiction Counselling, we have helped many men travel down this same road. We offer the best treatment available in Toronto and we are proud of our reputation for providing effective and affordable help for men just like you. Let us help you start your recovery with confidence.

There is no better time than now and there are no better experts than the professionals at Toronto Addiction Counselling.

To sign up for the New Beginnings Program or for more information, please call (647) 799-0323 or send an email to

Use the link below to take the Sexual Addiction Screening Test. The SAST-R is used to determine whether or not there are reasons to believe that a sex addiction may be present.


“Knowing you are a sex addict doesn’t mean that you are bad, perverted or hopeless. It means you may have a disease, an obsession from which many have healed”     Dr. Patrick Carnes